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Colour Me Beautiful — A Customer’s View

“Pampering with a Purpose” - by Heidi Harrison, 'Largs Life' magazine

Armed with a make-up free face, a wardrobe that would make Hamlet proud and a philosophy that if black doesn’t conquer all, it at least hides a multitude of sins, I set off to meet Anne Chadwick.

With a little fear and trepidation, I prepared myself for a wardrobe, if not, a life-changing experience as I was about to have the ‘Colour Me Beautiful’ treatment.

In the delightful study, which had previously been the workspace of local artist, ‘Houston’ the journey from black and white to full technical colour was about to begin. ‘We are not in Kansas anymore, Toto’.

  • Colour Party
    A group enjoying a colour party

Anne, and her hospitable husband John, was so friendly and welcoming that I soon felt at ease and ready to enjoy the experience. For those that have been missing out all this time, the essence of ‘Colour Me Beautiful’ is pampering with a purpose. Many of us have had facials, massages, makeovers etc. but this is a way of experiencing the benefit every day by never having a bad colour day again. CMB system is to advise on what colours and shades best suit your complexion, hair shade, eye colouring and something a little bit more to bring out the very best of you and I have got to say that I was amazed at how specific this was. On discovering which category you are, Anne is then able to show you by placing swatches of different shades against your skin, how a colour can have the desired effect or have dire consequences in how you look.

In my own mind I think I suit the colour green, for example, but Anne was able to narrow it down to the exact shades of green that made me look good and eliminate the shades that did me no favours. I could visibly see the colour of my complexion changing either to a good light or bad depending on the shade of colour that was held to my face. It was astonishing to see the difference these shades of colours made. It really had the effect of bringing the best out of you.

During the session, Anne advised me on the appropriate colours that would be most flattering to me in my use of make-up, which was a luxurious pampering experience, and then complemented this with the choice of colours and shades that would best suit me in the items of my wardrobe.

I was quite astounded to find colours that I would normally steer very clear of suiting me in a way I would not have thought possible. It really was an eye opener to a female, who I must confess, has bought the same lipstick for the last ten years. I could feel the ground trembling beneath me in anticipation of the changes my wardrobe was about to experience, but in a good way.

  • Heidi Before
    Heidi Before
  • Heidi After
    Heidi After

Now it is brilliant starting the day knowing that whatever I decide to take out of my wardrobe, the colours will show me at my best. I think Billy Connolly famously said that ‘There wasn’t bad weather, just the wrong clothes’. Well, whatever the weather, using my little book of colour to guide me, which was provided by Anne during my ‘Colour Me Beautiful’ session, so as not to forget which is right for me, I know I might sometimes find myself in the wrong clothes — but they will always be in the right colour.

Article provided by Heidi Harrison, Largs Life

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