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Colour Me Beautiful — Makeup

The Transformation Before and After

I first met Carol as a referral from Joanne.
Carol asked me to be very honest  ( Not all people are that brave ) After looking at some of Carol's colours I decided that she was a Soft, Warm, Deep.
Taking a look at her hair colour which was a light blonde I suggested that darker tones would give her a softer look and because Carol had a quite long face I suggested that she may like to try a fringe, again softening her look.

Case Study

Carol - Before & After

  • Carol - Before
  • Carol - After

After Carol had been to see me she phoned to say that she was delighted with the results and that her mum had said that she looked much younger. I did get an e-mail from Carol to say how much she had enjoyed the day. but not being very tek- savy I appear to have lost it. (I'm afraid you'll have to trust me on that one )

I would just like to say a BIG - BIG THANK YOU to Joanne and Carol for allowing me to use their before and after pictures.

PS. Carol did say to me.- "Anne you must love your job, you make so many people happy"!! ( and I do ) love my job that is.

Case Study

Joanne - Before & After

  • Joanne - Before
  • Joanne - After

“My sister treated me to a day with Anne and can I say a big thank you to both, we had an amazing day with a lovely lunch and fizz in a beautiful setting (much better than a spa day!) I'm now a warm and soft person with my colours and the first thing I did was slightly lighten my hair with copper tones  eyeshades etc in my makeup and used the teal and grey with warmer blusher.... Went though my wardrops .Although I'd love to buy a complete new selection of clothes I'm using scarfs and selecting bits and pieces to start this transformation.......not only can I see a difference already I feel really rejuvenated definitely treat yourself x”

— Joanne

Full Colour Analysis with Makeup

Cost — £135 per person

This consultation is for one or two people and takes between 1 hour 45 minutes and 2 hours per person.

By looking at your skin tone, hair and eyes I will be able to find the right colour combinations that work for you. We start with a relaxing facial followed by finding your dominant colour. After this I will apply the makeup to suit your colouring and finally find the right colours for you. At the end of the consultation you will take with you a 42 colour swatch which will enable you to always buy the right colour clothes.

A day to unwind — Come and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere during your consultation. For a small fee, a light lunch can be supplied with tea or coffee.

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