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Colour Me Beautiful — Parties

  • Colour Party
    A group enjoying a colour party

Colour Party

Cost — £40 per person (plus £35 optional extra)

Up to 4 people with 1 hour per person.

This is a chance to have fun with friends and see how the different colours suit everyone individually. At a colour party you will have your 'dominant' colour assessed at a price of £40 per person. From this you can take home a personalised 30 colour swatch (£35 extra per person) or, as in some cases, the client has decided to come back to have a full colour analysis and bring along a friend.

“Encouraged to try new colours and experiment. Grand day out — lovely hostess.”

— Liz E

“Had a great afternoon and was amazed at the results. Off to the shops now. Thank you.”

— Ann R

  • Before Make-up
    Before Make-up
  • After Make-up
    After Make-up

Make-Up Lesson

Cost — £40 per person.

Up to 4 people. 1 hour per person.

Knowing how you can get 'stuck in a rut' with make-up, it's good to have a fresh look at how you're looking or, maybe you just want to learn what colours suit you best and how to apply them.

I start with a cleansing process and then take you from start to finish with the make-up, with you looking refreshed and feeling fully confident to face the world! You will have a look that you are happy with and be able to do yourself. Also included is a make-up chart with the colours used on you.

Wardrobe Organisation

Cost — £45 per hour.

Now that you have established your colours, you have to make it work for you. You should now be downsizing your wardrobe. I can help with this.

Shopping Trips

Cost — £45 per hour.

A bargain garment that you wear only once can turn out to be expensive, however if you buy an expensive item that you wear 100 times not only will you look good, but you will save money too. I can help make this easier. Together we can find your style.

Additional Services

I have a full range of Colour Me Beautiful cosmetic products available for purchase as well as scarves, raw silk scarves and Colour Me Beautiful books to take home.

I can also offer Special Parties for Weddings (price on request).

Gift Vouchers

Available in multiple values — starting from £40

Gift vouchers are available for all special occasions, including birthdays, Christmas, and both mother's and father's day. Treat a loved one today with the gift of colour confidence.

Gift vouchers are valid up to 1 year from date of purchase, and can be redeemed against any consultations.

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